About GameGrammar

GameGrammar aims to teach Japanese by producing edutainment content on different platforms including Youtube, Twitch, and our website.




"Hey, Yves here. I joined Game Grammar around early 2019 and have since been streaming for Game Grammar, first on YouTube and then on Twitch. Streaming has been a blast and I'm looking forward to keeping on doing it! I've been studying Japanese for close to a decade and I got my N2 in 2017. I hope that my streams and videos can provide you with some knowledge and entertainment. よろしくね!"



"I'm the Latino dude who started Game Grammar and the lucky one who was able to meet the talented people that have worked on it. I'm not as involved as I used to be, but like Tom, I hop on the streams from time to time to say hi and maybe answer a few questions that Yves is more capable than me to answer."



"I was part of the original Game Grammar team, back when all of the content was scripted and pre-recorded. I think Rockin reached out to me because I had sent him a Swapnote with Japanese in it. I may have made the initial push to change our content to streaming, as well, but I am not sure anymore! Unfortunately, I am not able to dedicate as much time to Game Grammar these days as I would like, but I still try to hop on to stream from time to time, and I help in the background when I can."



"Hi, I'm Tavi (He/him). I am part of the original team. Rockin reached out to me on Twitter years ago and now we're here. I took classes back in high school but between switching teachers every year and unruly classmates I am 95% self-taught. I spent quite a lot of time with immersion in things I liked over technical learning so I can feel what's wrong to check but the others are better at explaining with the linguistics. I keep an eye on everything even if I don't seem to talk much!"

Our Socials

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